Androgyny Erotica

Happy Valley, WMass 2017


Artsy Animation!

Enter the magical space of cross-dressing, performance, gurl fun. This animation includes images taken, photos, owned art work, borrowed experiences and artistic freedoms of all design.

Gender is a Playground. Enjoy the celebration of gender-bending and full-on erotica. Androgyny comes from the ancient Greek myth of Hermaphroditus and Salmacis, two divinities who were fused into a single immortal with combined female & male characteristics, providing a frame of reference used in Western culture for centuries. Delicious, eh?


Credit: Mind of the Wonderful, Jones & Blank. Various images used with no commercial interest or benefit to creator.

Playful, Fun Videos

Total Control Over Who

This video ponders the notion of control in our lives. As human beings, how much do we control technology or does it control us. Enjoy the short clip from Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odessy to fully appreciate the complete lack of control.


Or perhaps JJ is positing reflection on control over personal desires, addictions and even love considerations. Maybe JJ just is playing with us as they tease the senses with The Motels seductive classic, Total Control.

Be a Man

Viola! Enjoy a slightly dated Josie performance video of "Be a Man." Using fancy special effects provided by Filmora video editing, we transformed an informal practice session into a new video. Yes, of course Josie is sans make-up and in casual attire, but her message now seems so timely in the age of ugly Trump and #MeToo. Go Girls!

Everything Rolling Into the Deep

Enjoy this Art Deviation video starring Josie Bender and featuring the music of Arcade Fire, Adele, Jon B & The Eurythmics. Created for the 2020 Triple SSS Reception at The Shea Theater in Turners Fall, MA. Produced by Nina's Nook, Triple SSS is the area's only art show featuring a wide variety of erotic art in all forms.

Alone Together

Art Deviation honors pandemic heroes and calls out those to blame for all the pain.