Spoken-Word, Queer LGBTQ Poetry by Josie Bender

Damn, we gotta go so bad!  Which bathroom do we pick?

We’re so confused, scared out of our wits.

How did all this begin?  Where the fuck does it end.

Mom calls us Josie, Daddy did too, god rest his soul.

Messed us up pretty good; didn’t think they would.


Why did this all begin!  No fucking clue, or even when.

We only know what we’ve been told, time & time again.

All the shrinks in the world say the same, sorry gurl it’s not going away.


We like it like this, as hard as it can be; like finding a safe place to pee. Tell us again, how all this began. We like the whole package, from beginning to end.


Maybe it starts with losing your hair. Wanna look 15 years younger like us with our long blond hair.


We just wanna dance.  Skirts are so hot, cooler than pants.

Just wanna be free.  Who cares how and where we pee.


Being a girl is pretty cool, breaking all the rules. 

The fun we have changing hair, pleated skirts, silk underwear. Painted nails, hot red lips, hair barrettes and clips – it’s just not fair.  Sorry boys, truth or dare, don't care what you say, us gurls rule the day. 


Damage control on high alert!  Being called a sissy all your life really hurts. Well that’s what we are, a sissy inside;  Sensitive and smart, so why should we hide.


So what’s it like to walk in these pumps, have your V-spot grabbed by an ugly Trump. We just can't believe it, how it must feel, something so vile, it’s unreal! 


So look at us, we’re not going away. The two of us have found a better way. Sometimes we’re together, it depends on the day. The world might be a nicer place if everyone knows how it feels to live the life of a woman in flats or heels. 


Standing up or sitting down when we pee.  Wej ust wanna dance, just wanna be free! We’re no different inside, you and we; we all just wanna be free.



JJ White, Art Deviation

Feb 2017



How Does it Feel

I don’t understand.  What do you mean... be a man?

Conquer all you see, from sea to shining sea. Blow away what’s in your way; like Navaho and Cree, mysteries and trees.


All those here before your time, majestic mountains, nature rythms. Dominion over all the earth, another fucked-up bible myth. A fairytale about our birth, portends anything but bliss.


The weaker sex, so we’re told, mild and meek, take our hands.

Lead us on, we followed your command

Into history’s endless blood-bath on your dirty, wanton hands.


Be a man, own your vicious deeds!  We all can see! How long must your madness, brutality and sadness 

Infect our world with mayhem and misery? Centuries of indecency is your machismo, patron disease.  


Be a man, show your might, it’s your god-given right.

Slap my face one more time, your depravity is your crime.

Phallic worship, school yard bully, a pathetic mess. 


Your lust for power, to what end? A toxic brew poisons even you. Look out your ivory tower, cast your gaze round the bend.

Mother Mary sheds a tear, fires raze the promised land.

All that's precious is soon devoured. Truth herself is finally banned. 


Rise up again, my sisters dear. Father, brother, only son, I weep alone for what's been done. 


Open hearts, helping hands, becomes a man. Open minds shine the best. Circumspect, humble with respect.


Listen to me please – Vive la difference.  Mais oui! 

My preference is la feminine indeed. Don’t you see,

Precisely what this messed-up world needs.

So be a man with elegance, a mindless beast, not a chance.


Who was first, now who is last, what’s done is past.

Abuse of power anywhere is still way too vast.

Mother Earth, our ancient goddess glories

Share your love, consume all hate, change this story.  


Shatter the glass for all it’s worth.

Our sons and daughters are born anew.

A women’s time is long overdue.

So ride like the wind before it’s too late.

The tides of change lap the doors of fate.



JJ White 

April 12, 2018



Be A Man

The last blood-red sun-drop fades, the world drops away
Come my little sweetie, darkness crushes day.
What remains behind, lurks, scowls, time biding time.
Step softly, tip-toe around solid ground.  Flats, heels – never mind.


Lash the strappings down, careful my dear, bitterness has no sound. 
No whimper, not here, our time not yet clear.  Beneath common rails, 
Barbed-wire love thrashes and flails.  Remove your sickly blouse, 
Drain the color from your lips.  
Now part them into smiles, be happy, be gay.


Run and hide, inside, broken stride.  Wish upon wish, 
Your timely death by kiss.  
Of course silly girl, almost flaxen hair, 
Deep blue eyes, a distant light, daring you to come alive.


Stand your ground, you hapless bitch, sundown witch.
Ask forgiveness on bended knee, such reckless play; shameful
In the light of day.  Tears of rage, waste of time, bide your time?


Look around, you’re not alone.
Cracks in walls, not binding best, androgyny is left.  
Bow your head to heathen gods. Suffer no human fools
Who gave ancient birth to this mess.


Come the darkness, never too soon, cool, sad blue moon.  
Misbehave alone, witness angry walls.
Giving birth to life and deeds, only thoughts are free...
Come the darkness you and me.



JJ White

(Dedicated with gratitude to Sandy)

Aug 28, 2016

Greenfield MA



Come the Darkness

I'm the terrorist in your bed.

I'm the hostage inside your head.

I'm fucking you up til my dying day,

Not soon enough, everything you say.


Why you messing with my sweet ass.

You curious or something you wanna ask.

Going down on my sister-juice flowing

Or maybe your Christian white bone’s growing.


We're not ashamed by the scum of your mouth

Or surprised by the ugly hate you spout.

We're a rainbow chorus you can't turn down.

Pound your self-righteous bible, you Jesus clown.


I'm fucking you up inside your head.

I'm every queer you wanted dead.

Help me understand your Christian hate.

Cuz I'm the one you wanna terminate.


Lust and perverts in shadows you can't see

Bodily fluids, guttural moans, sticky knees.

The darkness you preach is so full of light

The pulse of humanity – only losers fight.


Bow your head in a state of grace

Now explain yourself at heaven's gate.

Demand to Jesus he embrace your hate.

Or beg forgiveness before it's too late.



By Josie Bender

Mar 4 2019


Poem notation: VP Pence had just departed from Sanibel FL (Mar 4 2019) & Josie did a photo shoot in nearby Cape Coral using themes to expose Trump/Pence who are systematically attacking LGBTQ people. Shame on them! This poem is our outrage to their toxic presence. Our poem was inspiried, in part, by Cynthia Nixon's Washington Post article criticizing Sen. Biden for calling Pence a “nice guy,”  even though he is leading the effort to marginialize LGBTQ people.



Porno for Pence

Josie's Poems


Don't know what to do

I shave for you, make love to you

Heels kick high, night of blue

Searching your eyes, drilling me through.


Take hold of me, live volt wire

Take hold of me, this new desire

Call me out, an acid trip

Call me back, make me strip.


Reinvent me when the sun goes down

I'm losing my ground, giving in to you

Never known love like this, wild and new.


Teasing me, begging you

Watch me dance, feel the trance

I'm inside of you, take a chance.


Dress me up, take my hand

This promised land.

I'm born anew, I'm through with you.

What's a poor gurl to do?


Never felt love like this, wild and new

I'm inside of you, take a chance

This forbidden romance.

Hey, I'm on fire, please watch me dance.


Hike my skirt, up your thighs

Make me smile, eyes are wild.

Never made love like this, call it bliss 

Wet lipstick kiss, I can't resist.


What to do, I'm asking you.

Say good-bye to all that's new.

I'm asking you, what to do.

I don't think I'm through with you.



Josie B

August 24, 2014



Hi, I’m Josie, the girl next door, wearing Calvin Klein and Christian Dior. Didn’t you hear, Amerika is great again for girls like me, super-star atheletes on bended knee, the NRA keeping bathrooms gender free.


Make Amerika Nice Again! Lower taxes for vegetarians, higher teacher pay, free tuition for queers & gays.  No more swampy swill for corporate titans sucking public till.


So come along with me. Make America Nice and Free.  Let’s show the world our economic might – health care is a basic human right. Make America Nice Again, the way we used to be, helping those in need.  Black, white, brown, immigrants yearning to be free – Two Spirit folk like me!


Did you read the news today, yesterday and every day?  The sweet girl like me next door found bloody lifeless on the floor. A nightmare on your tablet screen, talking TV heads snuffing out another dream.

Alarm bells scream, ripping  us from listless dreams. Morning hunger churning, turning into rage. Little boy, terrorized alone, safe & sound in a white tent home. It can’t be true all this news – double barbed-wire cage, American-made, three meals a day, Bible-thumping, fist-pumping atavistic Red State rage.


A precious hijo ripped asunder, off his mother’s hip; callous, lying words from the coward, captain’s lips.  It’s too late to save your name, drenched in shame, used in vain.  Jesus, Yahew, Allah – the sacred now becomes profane.


Dream away this evil plague.  Back to sleep we go, jack-boots marching toe to toe, senseless human demons, dancing, clapping – cheering on the beastly show.  Lying naked on your floor, I’m Josie, the girl next door, slowly dying in your arms, beneath a godless sky, high above a Texas cage, dreams forever lost in endless rage.



June 19, 2018